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THEY'RE HERE Dual Phase Roll on Perfume Oil

THEY'RE HERE Dual Phase Roll on Perfume Oil

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What’s happening!? We’ll tell you. Do not go into the light, run away from it and don’t even look at it because this perfume oil has many scents. Red pomegranate, fluffy sweet marshmallow, and hints of maple candies.

HOW IT WORKS: An aromatic finisher to your daily routine and sets the tone for the rest of your day. Fragrance is your best and most intimate accessory. Once it’s put on, it becomes a part of you and your chemistry. It can be worn to match different moods and inspirations.

TO USE: Apply to pressure points, gently dab together and enjoy your signature scent for today!

Ingredients: Vegan handcrafted perfume oil

Customer Reviews

Based on 55 reviews
Pretty color but not a great scent

This scent just didn’t work for me

Lots of pomegranate

I don't get any marshmallow at all from this, but it's probably because I bought it BST and it's older. I've had something similar happen with other oils I purchased years after the release and should learn to stop that... ;) But the cover art is so cute I couldn't resist!

Not as sweet as you'd think

This is a really easy scent to wear in part because I don't smell all the notes listed. I think if I did, it wouldn't call it "easy" because it may be too sweet for some. It IS sweet... but not fluffy marshmallow and maple candy. What ever it is that makes it a "fall" scent keeps it a little more neutral -- and likable (if that makes sense).

Cotton Candy

This is perfectly sweet, and I wish it would come back. It smells exactly like cotton candy and has an awesome shimmer to it.

Tiffany W
Scary good smell

It’s a little work to get the layers to mix before application, but worth it! It’s pretty in the bottle and smells pretty on my skin. There is just a bit of shimmer left behind. The spiced pomegranate makes this scent perfect for fall!

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