FCS Glossary of Terms

CYO Create Your Own Event - A product or products available for 72 hours that are fully customized by the scents of your choice. We try and do one of these events once a month. 

Mini Collection  - A monthly themed collection that is available until the next monthly collection comes out. All products from these collections are available all month and go to pre-order if they sell out. We let them overlap for one day allowing you to purchase for both collections for one day. We do one of these a month. 

FCSOTM - FCS of the Month - Monthly subscription box that ships out on the 12th of each month. 

End of the month Extended Collection - A variety of products available in scents from the Monthly box. These products will go to pre-order on the day of launch and then periodically restocked until the next month when they're discontinued.  

Holiday Box - Themed box available for a short time as a one-off. This is not part of the monthly subscription. We typically offer an Easter, Halloween, and a 12 Days of Christmas Box. 

#WhateverWednesday - Special request products available for 24 hours. Typically, more scent options in products that we currently make. For example, if we do a Deodorant Day, we'll offer more scents (chosen by us or a poll in the VIP Facebook group) just for that 24 hour period. These products are pre-order only and will not sell out in that 24 hour period. 

GWYG Get What Ya Get - Grab bags available in limited quantity during Christmas in July and Black Friday sales. These are first come first served and typically go fast. 

WC = Whipped Cream (our most popular product)

CIJ = Christmas in July