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The Sorcerer's Stone Bar Soap

The Sorcerer's Stone Bar Soap

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Handmade with genuine Dragon's Blood, and while it can't be used to create the Elixir of Life nor transform any metal into pure gold, it is pretty freakin' cool! Oh and it smells like Dragon's Blood, which is pretty cool too.

A little FYI: How gorgeous is this bad boy? Out of all the products in this collection we spent the most time and cuss words on this one. I swear we could start our own rock collection (that looks more like fruit cake) with all the cast offs. (Bubble Blunder, anyone?) Tina is a fierce soap master and finally crafted what we have here. We love you Tina!!!!! <3

SLS free Ѣ paraben free Ѣ cruelty free

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