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LION'S BREATH Scoopable Wax

LION'S BREATH Scoopable Wax

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Wrong will be right when this comes in sight. Be rejuvenated by the true King himself with fresh and invigorating scents of glistening winter frost and fir needles dripping with the sweet nectar of ripened pomegranates. Your senses will feel alive again as every last drop of this fragrance graces your skin!

TO USE: Simply take a scoop of this gorgeous wax and place into wax burner. Never leave wax burners unattended and never add water.

Ingredients: Vegan soy wax, Vegetable Oil, Fragrance, Mica.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

This scent is nice. The wax is so soft it is easy to melt but I make a mess more transferring it from container to warmer and is messier to clean out the dish. The little tubs of scoopable wax last a long time.

Samantha Taulker

Take in a deep breath of this amazing scent. This is one of my favorite. I highly recommend it! The scoopable wax is easy to get out and place in wax burner.

Great Throw

I much prefer the scoopable wax to the wax tarts from FCS. It seems to throw scent for longer and farther with the scoopable wax. This one is a great scent that brightens my room without being too woodsy. The only thing is I wish there was a special scoop we could by that doesn't collect wax and easily comes off.

Lion's Breath is perfect for the holidays.

This wax has a lovely winter scent that fills your home with the aroma of fresh cut fir. It's outstanding!

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