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Carrot Cake Sugar Scrub

Carrot Cake Sugar Scrub

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Here at FCS we are
obsessed with making product after some form of a dessert. We've got fragrance after
fragrance resembling pies, cupcakes, candy corn, S'mores, cinnamon rolls, and
yada yada yada. So naturally when we stumbled across a fragrance that smelled
of warm carrot cake we did not object to adding it to the long list of sweet
and delicious non-edible scents! Oh joy! Cover yourself in carrot cake with
this rich sugar scrub and fight the urge to take a bite out of your arm!

paraben free Ѣ cruelty free

Directions: At the end of your shower, rub a generous amount all over, rinse completely and towel dry.

Please do not use on face, or apply to open cuts or sunburn.

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